Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

We live on a busy highway and we do not live close to our neighbors. We can see our neighbor's homes but, due to the busyness of the highway, we'd have to get in the car to get to their homes. Our address is just not conducive to chit-chatting over the picket fence. As a result, we don't know many of the neighbors.

Today I did get to know one of our neighbors, however. You see we received some of their mail by mistake. Tomorrow or the next day they will receive a magazine about African Violets, a letter from friends in Chisago City, MN and another magazine with lots of western ware and cowboy boots to purchase. I'll assume our neighbors enjoy horses, gardening and people from Minnesota. We should have them over for a cook-out as we have lots in common, except for liking Minnesotans .......... just kidding.

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kristi noser said...

I got some of our neighbor's mail one time. It was a letter from Juvenile Court. Ouch.