Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thanks Anna!

I'm still getting ready for Anna's dedication on Sunday, however, Anna planned this week to cut four more teeth all at once, yippee! Anna tends to run fevers when she cuts her teeth and she acts quite similar to the way she acts when she has an ear infection. Dr.Z. assured me her ears were not red and so we'll just let the fever run it's course. I'm now thoroughly exhausted from lack of sleep but the good news... I think she's done with the fever part of the ordeal.

Anna even helped me clean the fridge yesterday. (she makes me laugh with her little words) While I was tossing old stuff and wiping shelves/drawers Anna spilled some of her milk on the floor. She came up behind me and said, "Uh-oh Mama speel." I said, "Oh no, Anna, did you spill your milk?" "Yah", she said. I said, "Ok, can you get a towel and wipe it up? Mama needs to finish the fridge." So, she walked over to the drawer and grabbed a washcloth and walked over to the milk puddle and wiped it up. Guess what? When she was done she walked it over to the laundry room and tossed it in. Isn't that good? I praised her and said, "Good girl Anna, thank you for helping Mama." Well, she was so proud of herself she talked about it all day. At bedtime we usually talk about her day and I asked her if she helped me clean the fridge and she repeated the whole story for me. She said, "Anna speel, wipe up, all-gone meelk."

My favorite part of pre-elementary school is about 18-36mos. and we're just starting with Anna. It's so much fun to hold little conversations together and hear her tell me all about the stuff that makes up her days. Language is good.

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