Thursday, April 19, 2007

Animal Adoption

We have been cats! A couple summers ago we noticed three cute kittens hanging around the house. Matthew decided we needed to feed them as they looked a little too little to be fending for themselves just yet. Well, that's all it took. The kittens hung around, surprisingly, because we live on a busy highway and the past owners of this house explained how they'd lost a number of pets to the traffic despite an invisible fence. These are smart cats...they cross the highway using those corrugated metal drainage tubes that run under Hwy.12. Good thinking!

Last summer one of the cats had a litter, just three. Now we are up to four cats as some of them have traveled on or they forgot about the drainage tube lesson. Don't know which? These cats and I have an understanding. (I wasn't big on encouraging the cats to stick around in the first place) I'll feed them leftovers or cat food, if I've bought some, and they promise to keep the mice/shrews out of my house. It's working splendidly. I was reminded this week, twice actually, as I watched Lightsaber (named by Isaiah) happily carry a dead mouse through the yard in his mouth. Yeah 2points for me and a big Zip for the rodents on Highway 12. I noticed something else one of the cats is expecting and soon by the looks of her tummy. I was so happy about the possibility of more mousers that I ran right out and bought some generic Target cat food especially for her. Nothing but the best.

Can't wait to meet the newest additions to the feline family that will strike fear into all rodents who dare to enter the Rolli household.


erin said...

At least your cats KILL rodents. Ours just plays with rodents.

Katie R. said...

They are outside cats ONLY. They have to be good mousers or they'd probably perish because I don't feed them that often. (I do in the winter when it's cold) I had house cats when I was younger and they wouldn't even PLAY with a mouse. I once saw the cats sit next to each other and watch a mouse run along my parent's baseboards and then they looked at each other as if to say, "Huh...wonder what that was?"