Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Just In Case

The kiddos and I were driving along in the truck when Isaiah asked if I knew the safest spot to be on a T-Rex. I said that I in fact did not. He said, "Well, if you sit on top of his nose that would be good 'cause then he can't bite ya. But then if another T-Rex comes you could just drop and run and don't worry about gettin' dirty 'cause who cares, if a T-Rex is chasin' ya! You could always find a safe cave to brush off in."

In case you were wondering where to sit on a T-Rex, now you know, and for goodness sake don't be concerned about a little prehistoric dust in a life or death situation.


Anonymous said...

I laughed hard out loud this morning. See why it's so good to let him watch these sort of things: It improves his creative imagination. Yeah, I think that's it! ;)


kristi noser said...

Whew! Thanks to your boychick, I'll never have to wonder again!
Thanks Isaiah.