Monday, April 16, 2007

Gold Star

Isaiah is a great big brother. He's really patient, kind and understanding that Anna is still little and hasn't learned all of the social graces as of yet. He may be too nice to a fault actually. Anna tends to bite out of frustration and sometimes I think she bites because it's fun. Unfortunately Isaiah happens to be her victim once in awhile because if she's leaning on him and goes in for the attack he's afraid of moving too quickly as she may fall or trip or whatever. I say ... let the girl fall. Well, it happened again Saturday morning, Isaiah got bit on his forearm. I separated the two and scolded Anna.

Later on Anna and I were coloring and Isaiah walked by and said, "It's so good to see the two of you playing together so nicely. I just can't do that with her because she bites me." Keep in mind he's six not forty-seven? So, Mama received a gold star in the plays well with others column for the day.


Carla said...

Good job, Mama!!weh

Carla said...

the weh was part of the word verification. oops