Sunday, September 20, 2009

Loooooong Overdue - Polk County Fair

We had a card reader issue which has since been remedied. (thank you Matthew) Due to the long standing problem our picture sharing has been back-logged. I'll start this catch-up session with the Polk County Fair held WAY back in July. It sure is a great fair, we had lots of fun this year. Here are some highlights.

This is Isaiah's recipe poster he entered. This is an original recipe created by Isaiah. His recipe is entitled "Po-tacos". If you bake a potato and heap on taco meat and other toppings you'll have a Po-taco. It's very tasty.

Close up of poster detail. Isaiah wrote everything out and even took the photos of the individual toppings.

Another close-up. We even integrated the food pyramid and Isaiah color coded ingredients to match their category in the pyramid.

Explaining all about his poster to the judge. She asked a lot of neat questions.

Poster, certificate and ribbon on display.

Anna volunteered to assist Auggie the Clown. I really don't know what he would have done without her.

Our 4H club worked a shift at the 4H Food Booth. Isaiah's job was a general cleaner. He cleaned tables, cleared trash and kept the floor clean.

Anna participated in the pedal pull while Isaiah and Papa worked at the food booth. She came in 4th place for her age category. This is one place away from attending the state pedal pull competition. I had no idea there was such a thing. Anna is bound and determined to attend the state pull next year. Her new hobby is eating spinach, think Popeye power. She's in training.

Papa, Isaiah and Anna even snuck in some fun while at the fair. I wanted no part of this type of "fun". I just took the photo.

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Jessica said...

Oh, YUM! That Potaco idea sounds GOOD! Good job, Isaiah!