Saturday, June 13, 2009


Isaiah just informed me he had a great idea for the day.

I: Mom, I think we should go to the zoo today.
M: Why?
I: I want to go to the zoo and bargain for the zebra or giraffe.
M: Bargain?
I: Yeah, I want to bargain for the the zebra or giraffe.
M: You mean, like buy?
I: Yeah, I think I could bargain for the zebra for about 50.
M: 50 ... dollars?
I: Yeah. (then he looked at me like you silly mama and said...) No, Mom 50 cents, ha.
M: hmm, yeah that'd be fun.

I'm going to vote to just stick with the original plan and go to Grammy and Gramps' house.


Jessica said...

Oh, I wish! How great would that be? It'd probably be dangerous for me and my family, though. We'd probably go hungry but have an entire zoo in our yard.

Kara Jo said...

Ahahaha! That's cute. Tell him I'd go for the giraffe. We could have a bidding war.