Friday, December 12, 2008


Isaiah goes to a public school. Nothing private about it. Yesterday was his concert at school. This was the title of the concert, "A Christmas Celebration". Can you believe it? They actually referenced Christmas!

There are only three grades at his school kindergarten, first and second. Each grade sang four songs. Each grade sang at least one song that actually mentioned the REAL reason for the season. It was absolutely wonderful. The kindergartners sang a song entitled Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine. The first graders sang, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing and the second graders sang In a Manger. Nobody was pretending that Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus' birth. I was amazed and impressed and very thankful.


Jessica said...

Oh, how great! I love it. Definitely don't hear a lot about that these days, even down here in the Bible belt.

LadyD said...

You are a lucky Mama!
At our school it is "Holiday" not Christmas.
And the music teacher changed and omited all of the religious words in the songs:(
Love your school!