Friday, December 12, 2008

Not What I Meant

The steps going downstairs are wood. If one is wearing socks it can be slippery. This is the reason I like Anna to hang on to the railing if she is going up or down.

The other day Anna had her hands full with items she wanted to bring downstairs. She had a lightsaber (not a real one), a plastic plate, toy truck and one other thing I can't remember. This meant her hands were full and she couldn't grab the railing.

As we were about to walk down the steps I said, "Anna, you will have to hang on to something when you go down the steps."

Anna said, "Mama, I am hanging on to sumpin'."

ps "lightsaber" is not in the spellcheck, I think we should let Mr.Lucas know


Jessica said...

That is too, too cute.

LadyD said...

You mean it is not "Lightsaver"?
I will have to tell Dylan......

Kara Jo said...


Oh, and up until a few years ago--I thought it was "lightsaver," too!

kristi noser said...

I guess she had ya there.