Thursday, September 4, 2008

2nd Grade

My boy started 2nd grade this week. He looked old to me. Isaiah was a bit apprehensive. I think he thought the first day would be like his first day at this school last year. He started the year in Hudson and then got plopped into the new school in November. Not always the easiest thing from what I've heard. He ended up doing just fine last year but I'm sure the anxiety was still fresh in his mind.

This year, however, he was starting the first day of school right along with all of the other children in school. He'd know the ropes and some of the folks and all would be well. It was. He even started Spanish this year. Three times a week the elementary school Spanish teacher comes in and instructs on the Spanish language. I thought for sure Isaiah would be all over that one. I couldn't figure out why he'd be nervous and not excited. I found out at the end of the day, when he came home with relief and pride showing all over his face because he knew lots of the words that, Isaiah possibly thought Spanish class meant; all Spanish all the time. Poor kid. I didn't even think he'd feel that way. Missed the boat on that one. He survived though and was eager to hop on the bus yesterday and today.

While waiting for the bus we had to say our good-byes to Papa as well. Matthew is gone for awhile hunting in New Mexico so we're holding down the fort. I got a few shots of Matthew hanging out with the kiddos before we saw Isaiah get on the bus.

Also, my mom always took photos of my sister and I facing away from her with our backpacks on. She did this all through elementary school, on our first days. I have no idea why she did this so I thought, better be safe rather than sorry. I took a backpack shot of the kids. I suppose someday we'll look at those photos and say, "How cute, the backpack is bigger than you." I really don't know that there would be any other reason. Anyhow, I did it. They sort of look like walking backpacks from this viewpoint. Ha!


Amanda said...

Very cute. I don;t know how you do it. I think I was be running behind the bus screaming like a child and making a big scene.

But thats jsut me.

God bless!

Jessica said...

Aw.......such a cutie!

They look like backpacks with little legs, all right!

Tell Isaiah I said, "Bien hecho." (Pronounced "Bee In Ay Cho") That's "Good job" in Spanish. =)

LauraLynn said...

Wow! Your girly is in school already?! How old is she? I missed the boat on that one....

Katie R. said...

Amanda, it's still hard but it does get a little easier every year. Also, he's older too so putting a nearly 8 yr.old on the bus is eaiser then a little 5 yr.old. Baby steps.

Muy gracias, Jessica.

Laura, Anna is 3. She was helping to wait for the bus. I take her to a Christian preschool two morning a week though. So she's "sort of" a school kid. :)

Cara said...

The picture of the backside of your kiddos is precious! Enjoy them.

Birdie said...

wow you've got a handsome little guy there! I love "back shots" there's somethign thoughtful about them.