Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturday Night Fun

Yesterday I went out with my wonderful neighbor, Michelle. We both have birthdays in August and wanted to have a fun day together. We gallivanted all over Hudson and then headed over to Stillwater. It was lots of fun.

Matthew had a blast with Isaiah and Anna while I was gone. They did all sorts of fun things. Matthew took the kids to Fawn-doe-rosa up in Saint Croix Falls. It's a huge petting zoo with deer that roam freely throughout the facility and are tame. Apparently Anna gave a buck a huge hug around his neck and Matthew said he got a little concerned over her no-fear attitude when it came to animals with ANTLERS! They also were able to pick out a treat at their all-time favorite store, Horse Creek. Think modern day mercantile. Anything you could ever need way out in the country...

When I got home from the birthday adventure we all sat outside and talked about our day. Then we did chores and that lead into something I have never, ever, in a million years ever thought I would be doing on a Saturday night....for fun.

I don't know who came up with the idea but, somehow, the four us started hunting for grasshoppers and giving them to the chickens. Really it was fun. (I know, not for the grasshoppers but PETA members were probably offended by this blog a long time ago) We had a ball watching the chickens do their chicken thing.

About 20 minutes into the deal I looked at Matthew and said, "Wow, is this what folks do in the country for fun, on a Saturday night?"

He said, "Yep, pretty much."


Amanda said...

SO glad you guys had a good day. I have never heard of that 'activity' but I got a kick out of reading about it!

We missed you at the party, but I am sure glad you were enjoying some 'you' time.

Mant blessings-

Katie R. said...

I hope you all had a super time at the party. I bet it would have been a fun day. :)

Jessica said...

Haha......I've had those moments, too. I went to a small college in a small town, and we were pretty country. Sometimes as we were playing in the mud or rolling down hills for fun, we'd stop and laugh, thinking about what our big city college student peers were probably doing at that moment. Good clean fun is the best, I say. Unless you're a which case, too bad.

Kara Jo said...

Hahahaha! Glad fun was had by all. And isn't it good to get out with a girlfriend once in a while?