Thursday, August 21, 2008

Anna's First Day

Anna started preschool today. I think it was a good day. She went back and forth over wanting to go, wanting to stay home, wanting to go and having me stay with her, etc.

She started her day just fine and I was able to leave without her being sad. She found a toy that interested her and busied herself drawing with the toy. I told her I'd be back and that I loved her.

I did not receive any calls from school during her day so I assumed she did okay.

Leaving, however, was a different story entirely. You see Anna needed to bring supplies to school in a little pink pencil box. She did not feel her box should stay at school. She wanted to bring her supplies home in the worst way. Such a hard thing to understand. Sadly, we left her poor, poor supplies in their spot at school. They will be there on her next day but, we miss them.

At supper tonight Anna was completely happy about her day when Matthew asked her about her first day. She did not mention her poor, pink pencil box at all. Either she has gotten over this fact of school or she forgot. Either way it's good.

She is officially a big girl now, just ask her.

(she gets her very own locker)


Kelli said...

Wow...what a big girl! That face picture of her looks like it was taken for a JCPenney flyer! Beautiful.

P.S. Nice to see you back on the blogs.

Kara Jo said...

They're so sweet at this preschool stage. Still so little, but proudly displaying their "big girl" selves.
:) She does look adorable.

Jessica said...

Aw.....what a sweetheart! She looks so much like you in those pictures! You doing okay with this? I've heard it's sometimes harder on mama than on the little I've heard.

Oh, and've been awarded! Come on over and see!

erin said...

Oh my gosh, Katie! She IS a big girl! Congratulations!

Cara said...

She is so adorable..... I just want to squeeze her! Hope her next days at school are just as fun!

Amanda said...


Thats so sweet! What a beautiful little girl..and smart too! ;)

God bless-