Friday, August 29, 2008

My Mom

I thought I'd share how my mom is doing with her Bell's Palsy. Thank you Jessica, for asking.

The doctor had said the nerves in her eye were pretty damaged. She, for awhile, was needing to tape her eye shut at night time. It wouldn't close on it's own. Mom needed to use drops as well so her cornea wouldn't dry out.

She's had a few appointments to check on the progress and her eye is doing just fine and the cornea itself is not harmed.

Mom is improving and we all can tell the nerves are getting better. It's a slow process but when I only see her once or twice a week I can tell the difference. She no longer needs tape at night and she can close her eye about halfway, her other eye is squinting really hard at the same time so I can tell she is really having to try to get that left eye shut. It's much better though, than it was in the beginning. Also, her mouth and speech are noticeably improved.

I've heard of people having Bells' for a week and some a year. I guess Nancy, from the PBS show Sewing with Nancy has Bell's. Apparently she had it as a child and the nerves never improved. I'm very thankful mom's is really improving. Mom's had her Bell's Palsy for about 5 weeks now. I'm hoping there's complete recovery and so far it's looking good.

For those that prayed and have been praying, thank you. We appreciate your prayers.


Jessica said...

Oh, that's so wonderful to hear! Thanks for the update.

Carla said...

I am so glad for Mom!!

Kelli said...

Great to hear!

Kelli said...

Great to hear!