Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We went down to Matthew's folks' farm last weekend. The big boys (Matthew, his dad, his brother and their friend Eric) needed to plan out their New Mexico elk hunt they are going on in September. I think it was just a fun excuse to go down to Oakridge Farm. Eric couldn't make it down due to the fact that he volunteers to fight fires all over the country and is out in California putting out some flames. His nickname is Sparky. Our good friend Chris came down, however, to help out building two huge sliding doors Opa needed on his machine "shed".

We did a bunch of fun stuff, we always do.

On Saturday Isaiah, Anna, Matt's sister-in-law Becca, Oma and I went into town to visit Nana. (Matt's grandma) Oma treated us all to a McDonald's lunch and then we went swimming back at Opa and Oma's in the wading pool.

Sunday was spent finishing up the two massive doors and of course a visit with Tony-the-Pony, Eeyore (the donkey) and the other horses and sheep. Anna, Opa, Matilda and I sat in the front of the truck on the way down to the pasture. Tony-the-Pony just about kissed Papa on the nose. Isaiah sat on Tony and got to know the Angus cows, he also helped feed some. Anna also had some fun sitting on Tony.

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