Monday, July 21, 2008

Fair Project

The Polk County Fair starts this week, Thursday. We are busy finishing up the projects we've chosen to take to the fair.

Isaiah stained his woodworking project last week and will be adding the paint details today. He chose a wood project kit at a craft store, a treasure chest.

All the wood pieces and hardware came in the kit. He just had to follow the directions and nail all the pieces in place. He sanded the project and stained the inside and outside. Isaiah said he felt pretty grown-up being able to work with all the tools and stain the wood himself.

Isaiah is also entering a terrarium and will be showing Lamby in the Little Britches Rodeo on Sunday. Should prove to be a fun and exciting time for all.


Kelli said...

We LURVE the Polk County State Fair!! We try to go every year, so we'll be sure to look for all his projects while we'er there.

Kelli said...

Um...I meant "we're". Got a little too revved up about going to the PCSF!

NoOtherName said...

Katie, just have to are one committed blogger! You are EVERYWHERE on these things! :)

Anonymous said...

Isaiah, you are doing a marvelous job.Grammy and gramps are very excited to see the finished product.
See you at the fair!

LauraLynn said...

Again, You are one Amazing mother~
Way to get those kids involved! You deserve an Award. If I can find the time...I might make you one:)

kristi noser said...

I can't even stand it. I can't wait to see the entries.