Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not the Point

I'm entering some projects at the fair as well. My grandma taught me to crochet earlier this spring so, I'm making a washcloth to enter in the knit/crochet category. I'm not too nervous about this.

For some reason, however, I'm having a little panic attack over my other entry. I'm entering my version of Apple Bread into the quick breads category. I just stuck it into the oven and am sweating and having a hard time breathing. I've had enough panic attacks to know what this is. Seriously, what's the deal? I've made this bread tons of times and everyone who's ever tasted it has loved it. I know this is not the point of entering things at the fair. I know this, really I do. I'm just doing this for fun and to cross another item off of my life's to-do list. I have always wanted to enter things at my local county fair. This year is the year. I was excited now all of sudden I'm having a little meltdown.

Kristi, Kelli, do you ladies know the food judges? If you do, just tell me that they are nice. I really don't care if I get a ribbon. I'm just so stinking nervous. I don't even know why.

We drop our entries off tomorrow morning at that point it's out of our hands, literally. I'm really going to feel better at that point.

I shall try to refrain from throwing my bread at the fair entry takers and saying, "Here, you can have it. I can't take this anymore!" I don't think that would make a very good impression.

Thisisfun, thisisfun, thisisfun, thisisfun.

Is it Sunday yet?


kristi noser said...

Are you talking about the famous POLK COUNTY STATE FAIR????
I am so going to look for you entries. We are going on Sunday if you want to meet somewhere.
I'm SO excited!

Katie R. said...

Is there any other county fair?

Isaiah's two entries (terrarium & wooden treasure chest) will be entered as Cloverbud entries. I think there is a building for that?

I'm in the open division, obviously.

Also, if you happen to be there Friday from 4-6pm Matthew and Isaiah will be working the 4H food booth.

Sunday Isaiah is in the Little Britches rodeo showing our lamb. Not sure the time on that but we'll be there.

Matt and I are going to the auction Saturday evening if you want to buy some meat w/ us.

Hot dog, I'm so excited.
(well except for the anxiety attacks I'm having over the bread)

Amanda said...

Can't wait to find out how you did!! I am SURE it was wonderful.

Many blessings-