Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fair Project #2

Isaiah finished up his terrarium the other day and these are the results.

He wanted to do a dinosaur's environment. Pretty clever of him, I thought. We used a clear 2-liter soda bottle and I cut the bottom off for him. He added layers to his terrarium. First rocks, then sand, next moss and finally the soil. He added a little jade plant and a palm. To make the habitat authentic looking Isaiah added a little Triceratops.

We had some brown book binding tape that looked very nice with the ensemble.

Anna wanted to get in on the action and boy did she dig in. She was a major mess but I believe she enjoyed herself so, it's all good. Anna is very proud of her terrarium in a sand bucket. I will not be correcting her on the technicalities of what a terrarium really is.

(click on the photo to see a close up of the Triceratops)

Papa assisting Anna with her "project".

Anna is very proud of herself. Please, click on the photo to really get a feel for the dirt that was ground into her arms, clothes and fingernails. It was a two bath night.


Anonymous said...

My gosh Isaiah and Anna, your projects are awesome. Gramps and I just can't wait to see them at the fair. They are blue ribbons to us!, but so are you!
Katie, the "black" sundress Anna has on, could that be the lilac one we gave her? She looks so precious and sooo proud.

Katie R. said...

That would be the dress. Anna received two baths, the dress received three.

Jessica said...

Know what I think is interesting? Here, our county fairs are in the fall, in like November, because summer would be Miserable. Capital M. There, your county fairs are in summer because, well, they'd be Miserable in November. What different worlds we live in.

Good luck to you all!