Wednesday, May 7, 2008


After all the spring concert hoopla (see next post) Matthew and Anna went on a little road trip to pick up our newest farm additions. Six little Ameraucana chicks spent the night in our entryway under a toasty-roasty heat lamp.

When Matthew and I were first married we had a large flock of chickens. I know how to take care of chickens and what their care involves. Matthew wanted chickens now that we're in the country again. We went back and forth over the issue. I said a very small flock would be okay. Not 25 like the first time around.

These little guys are just a day old or so and I think six sounds like a good total for now. Supposedly they are all hens. Which means in about 9 months we will be able to gather fresh eggs. If you've ever had fresh eggs you'll know that the yolks stand up straighter and are much more yellow in color than the grocery store eggs. Makes for a very pretty custard pie.

Matthew did all the finding of these little critters so I don't know much about them yet. I believe he said they were Ameraucana chickens but I don't know the exact type. From looking at photos online I believe they are Silver Ameraucanas. I think that means the hens will resemble the hen in the bottom photo. Eventually I wouldn't mind getting a rooster. I'd like to see if I can get a hen or two to go broody and maybe sit on her own nest. I think it would be fun to see baby chicks following their mama around. We always just got chicks from the hatchery so we were their mamas.

The eggs, when we start to get them, will have a blue-green colored shell. Easter eggs all year long. I'm sure we'll have updated photos every once in awhile but, for now, they live in a box in our entryway.

Note on Pidge: Sunday was the last day we saw Pidge flying around and perching on our roof. We think he maybe needed to rest while traveling to who knows where. I sort of miss him...her? We are hoping he stops by again sometime. He was a good guest to have.


Jessica said...

Aw! How cute! I bet they're peeping and chirping at surprising volumes. I guess they grow really fast?

Carla said...

Congratulations! Too cute!

Birdie said...

I just want to squeeze 'em and rub their fuzzy little bodies on my cheek though I'm sure their dirty *L*