Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Is it Bedtime Yet?

4:02am- wake up to sound of coughing dog, fear she may throw up so Jump out of bed run to patio door and let dog outside.
4:02 1/2am- lay back down in nice snuggly bed only to realize 2 year old girly is now awake....
4:10am- realize that once this child is up.....she's use pretending everyone will go back to sleep
4:11am- encourage my Anna to take a potty break, remove diaper and choose her big girl undies for the day
4:16am- get out promised watercolor paints for Anna to keep her quiet and busy while rest of house is happily asleep
4:18am- remember the dog is still outside....oops....let her back in
4:19am- feed dog
4:21am- make much needed pot of coffee
4:30am- read Bible and drink coffee all while asking Anna, every 2 minutes, if she has to go potty
4:45am- put supper in crock pot
5:00am- forget to remind Anna to take a potty break and clean up after my forgetfulness and Anna's bathroom break taken in dining room
5:02am- change Anna into second outfit of the day (did you notice the time? We're on the 2nd outfit already)
5:15am- change dirty paint water from Anna's painting dish
5:30am- find some sort of children's show for Anna as I'm still not really functioning in the mom department as of yet
6:00am- wake husband to do chores....I just can't do it today (sorry Matthew)
6:01am- make lamb's bottle for Matthew to take out to barn
6:10am- make breakfast for children
6:20am- get out painting supplies for Anna, yet again
6:30am- change sheets on the beds
6:50am- have Isaiah get his school stuff together
7:10am- have Isaiah get dressed for the bus
7:15am- send Isaiah off to the bus with lots of hugs and kisses
7:20am- write blog
7:24am- get out paint supplies for yet another round of painting

I can only imagine what the rest of the day shall hold. I would have to say it's going to be a pretty exciting one. Just look at all we've accomplished since 4 o'clock this morning.


Jessica said...

Oh, you poor thing!

Guess this is the reality of what I have to look forward to one day, huh?

Hang in there!

erin said...

You should've called me. I was up.

Amanda said...

WOW. You are an AMAZING mommy. If my little one was up and at em' that early, I think their bedtime would be moved to 2:00 pm! lol

Great job mommy...keep it up!

God bless-