Monday, March 10, 2008


We have been having a hard time feeling "at home" in the new church we had been attending. No specific reason other than it didn't feel like the right spot. I was under the impression we were having that feeling because it was new and we were just adjusting to the change.

This feeling started to affect our church attendance, however, which is not productive on many levels. Matthew and I were talking about this problem last weekend and decided try another church to see what we'd feel like. The church we wanted to try out is connected to the preschool we'd like to enroll Anna into next school year. We thought we'd get a feel for the community and check 'er out.

What a difference. As soon as we walked in we knew this is the place for us. It was amazing. We immediately felt a sense of community. I was able to converse with folks, which for an introvert is near miraculous. Seriously. Matthew actually confessed on the way home he was worried about how I'd take all the friendly people and he kept seeing me talking away with ....gasp.... strangers, I was functioning. Woo hoo.

Isaiah expressed his joy before we even left the parking lot and asked if we could go back again. Earlier that morning he was begging us not to go to church. He never said those things, ever, when we lived in Hudson. He always loved going to church and all the functions we'd attend at church. He started to not want to go when we were attempting to make the "new" church a home. This was so sad for me because I want Isaiah to enjoy going. I don't want my children to think of church as a chore.

We were so thankful to have given it one more shot and attempt another church. So glad we did. When I first started attending Faith Community in Hudson, in 1994, I had the same immediate feeling of "home". I was really bummed when I didn't get that at the first church we tried. I was disappointed in myself too, I thought I was being stubborn or unwilling to accept a church home other than Faith.

Please know, however, that the first new church we tried is not at fault for our feelings. I think God was just letting us know we aren't supposed to plop down there. For some reason, we need to be at a different place. I think we found it. Yippee!


Anonymous said...

It was a real treat to be so warmly welcomed, and make us feel at ease. It's great when the kids seem to love it too. It also made it much easier to be open to the message which is my highlight.

Good as done!

-pa rolli (not to be confused with pa engels....yet)

Carla Stream said...

So happy for you!! I remember feeling
HOME at FCC. Oct. 1995. I really do miss you guys though. sniff

<---That Girl said...

I'm thrilled for you. That's such an important thing. I hope you guys can settle right in! Well this was such an encouragement to me!! We've been in the same boat since moving here in July. We'd attended our old church out of state for ten years and loved it. We tried one here and stuck with it, then began to stay home here & there because it just wasn't fulfilling and we'd be stressed trying to get out there on time, it was just not working at all. We haven't been in about three months. Big Daddy has had to work two Sunday's a week so I've been reluctant to try a new place alone (no excuse, I know), but we both decided last week that we must try something new.That's a daunting thought for me because I'm like you, introverted & Big Daddy even more-so. This has given me a boost- a kick in the butt *S*

Kara Jo said...

Oh Katie, I'm so happy for you. That can be such a key part of feeling like you really have a comfortable "place" in the community. Praises to God for leading you to a good fit!

Katie R. said...

Hey thank you everyone. We are pretty excited to have a place we feel comfortable worshiping. It's been months since I've felt fulfilled. Mostly my fault, I admit. I always end up liking God's timing best anyhow.

Dearest Matthew (Pa Rolli),
I believe you are referring to Mr.Charles Ingalls. One needs to be very careful when making refrences to "Pa" while in the company of such serious Little House fans...

That Girl,
Good for you! You get your family out there, your home is out there.

Jessica said...

Introverts UNITE!

I can DEFINITELY appreciate that you were able to converse with people quickly and easily on your first visit. That's such a true blessing, and a real way God must have been working to show you that was the place for you. Isn't it wonderful how He knows what we need even when we don't?

So happy for you, too, at being able to have your children somewhere they enjoy being. I grew up hiding in the bathroom to avoid Sunday school (NO LIE), so I can appreciate it from their point of view as well. I'm thrilled for your family. You're finally home!

kristi noser said...

I wonder if my friend Myrna is the sound person at that church. She lives in the area. I hope she is, she is a fun girl!

Katie R. said...

It's the Alliance church in Saint Croix Falls. Is that the same one?