Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yeah but....?

This morning as Anna awoke I told her that tomorrow's Valentine's Day. She's seen the cards, candy and pink Rice Krispie bars making their appearances around the house. She knows it's something.

Her question was, "Is Baby Jesus coming?"
To which I said, "Oh honey, that's at Christmas when we celebrate His birthday."
"Yeah but can I hold him?" Meaning the Baby Jesus from the nativity scene.
"At Christmas time you can."
" that Papa coming?"
"Sorry, that's Christmas, too."

I then explained how we get to be reminded about how much we love each other and we can do special things for everyone. I could clearly see my explaination of St. Valentine's Day was sounding something like: blah, blah, blaaaahhhhh. If no members of the Holy Family are showing up, count Anna out.


Kara Jo said...

Oh that's adorable. She knows what's important, eh?

erin said...

She might be on to something!

<---That Girl said...

that was precious! My class of 3 year olds had a similar reaction. Kids are so funny.

kristi noser said...

She knows that Christmas makes waaaay more sense than Valentine's day. Smart girl.