Monday, February 18, 2008

Nutrition 101

We had some friends and family over this last weekend for an ice fishing weekend. Lots of fun, food and soda - among other things.

Anna greatly enjoyed the snacks and soda she had this weekend. A wonderful detour from water, milk, juice and the normal healthy "stuff" I force her to have.'

She just woke up from her nap in a less then ideal mood and asked to have soda. I told her no and offered the standard option of water, juice or milk. Anna told me her thoughts on this choice.

"But....ugh....wat-oh not healfy for you, I need soda."

Wouldn't my Nutrition for the Young Child professor be impressed?

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Kara Jo said...

Kids...they'll try anything.

At any meal my kids sit down to, my rule is usually that they have to eat all of their fruits and veggies & then they can choose how much of the main dish they want eat. This is standard practice, done every day, right? Well, the other day when Emily was reminded that she had to eat her fruits and veggies before being excused, she got all confused and wanted to know what fruits and veggies are--and which foods were those? I guess what's obvious to us takes detailed explaining & more repetition for them!