Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dog Training

No we aren't taking Matilda to dog obedience classes. Anna has completely trained Matilda on her own.

When we call for Matilda we give her a quick whistle, I'm unable to type the sound of a whistle. Just insert your own whistle sound here _______________. Very good. Now we all know what it sounds like to call Matilda over to where you want her to go. Anna cannot whistle yet, she's still two. Anna would like to get in on the calling over of her puppy dog so she has improvised.

Yesterday I called Matilda in from outside and Anna ran to the door and said, "Yet me call Mee-teel-duh." Sure, go ahead. I honestly thought she was going to yell Matilda's name. Anna did not. She did her own version of a whistle.

Anna actually said, "Hoot!" That was her idea. Seriously. Anna stood at the door and yelled her whistle. "Mee-teel-duh hoot, hoot!" Hoot - is not the sound she made while attempting to whistle. She just said "hoot". No attempt at whistling was made. She skipped all that and just said, "Hoot!"

Matilda came.

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<---That Girl said...

Hm...I wonder if that will work with my Gidget too.
Hoot Hoot! Adorable.