Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tub Time

As I was taking Anna out of the tub last night she said something I didn't understand. She waved good-bye to the "Poe-day-doe". I couldn't figure out what she was saying. Potato? What? The word she said, although sounded like potato, was not what she was saying. The way Anna says potato is not the way she pronounced this word.

I felt like Pooh and said think, think, think.

The tub was draining and she was pointing to the swirl of water going down the drain. Tornado? Aha. Yes the "tornado" of water. Very good then. Good-bye poe-day-doe see you tomorrow.


-V- said...

So smart! Like mommy, like daughter... :-)

Jessica said...

That is so sweet!

erin said...

I'm impressed that you figured out what she was saying!

<---That Girl said...

Love it...Love hearing the funny things our munchkins say. They're precious. Kids are just about the biggest blessing (thought it doesn't always feel like that- hee hee!