Monday, January 28, 2008

Still Here

We made it.... almost. I think we're in the home stretch for this flu to be gone. No fevers yesterday. Everyone's eating and drinking. We even took showers and baths yesterday. Just like real live humans. Can you believe it?

Today Matthew's attempting work and I'm attempting laundry. The laundry situation, after assessment, wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I haven't even entered the laundry room in a week and thought I'd have to shovel my way to the washer. I was surprised to find I maybe have 3 loads of clothes. I was wondering why there weren't mountains of laundry to do and then remembered we all wore the same pj's and bathrobes for three days straight. Aahaa! Light bulb moment. That worked out nicely I thought.

Also, I'm taking what God has given and am thankfully opening windows a crack to let in the fresh air. My sinuses aren't cooperating fully yet but I can vaguely smell freshness. This is my attempt to blow the germs away. I thought about hanging my entire family on the clothesline to air out but we don't have a clothesline at this house yet.


Jessica said...

Glad to hear y'all are all feeling better! The fle's no fun, for sure. Take care!

-V- said...

Sounds like your spirits are further up... glad you guys are feeling better!

<---That Girl said...