Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spinnin' Yarns

Anna and Elmo spend a lot of time together that I'm unaware of until she informs me. Today at breakfast Anna was telling Isaiah and I about her day spent with Elmo. It sounds very interesting actually. Elmo sounds like he'd be a good friend.

Anna: Elmo and me feed da baby dinosaur.
Mama: Oh really? When did you do that?
A: At 8 o'clock.
M: Huh... what did you feed him?
A: Food. And Soda. Elmo have soda and I have soda, too.
M: What color was the baby dinosaur?
A: Oh.....he was brown.
M: Where did you feed the dinosaur?
A: In the highchair at Elmo's house.
Isaiah: How did you get there?
A: In my orange car. I drive it there.
I: Well, where is your orange car now?
A: At Elmo's house.

Isaiah looked at me at this point like, Huh? How's that supposed to happen? I gave him a look that meant just humor the girl she's on a roll. The conversation went on for about 5 minutes and it sounds like they had a good time.

Another incident regarding my dear story teller involves her insisting Matilda, our dog, is a boy. She's not and this drives Isaiah nuts that Anna keeps saying, "Good boy!"

This morning Anna repeated the "Good boy!" phrase and from a completely different room Isaiah yelled, "She's a GIRL!" To which Anna replied, "No her not, her a boy!"


kristi noser said...

This sounds so much like Hannah when she was little. What an imagination!

Coffeegirl said...

So fun..Caleb had a pretend Elephant named, "Two" when he was 2. Good memories.