Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not What I Had in Mind

Isaiah has probably got to be THE pickiest child to ever walk this earth. I'm willing pit him against any other child out there and test their picky-ness. I'm thinking he'd win hands down. Seriously. He wasn't always picky. He weighed in at a whopping 18lbs. at 3mos. old. Now granted he was on a very limited diet but still. The boy could chow. He still can as long as it meets his high standards.

The other night we once again had sub-standard fare for supper and Isaiah was still picking at his food after the dishes were done and drying in the rack. I told him he'd better have that plate cleared by the time Anna was done with her bath....or else. (I know, real scary mom. I was desperate at that point to just get the kid out of the dining room)

Anna was washed, diapered and jammied.


All right! That's it. Dump your plate, no snack tonight, I don't want to even hear you start to mumble how you're hungry at bedtime. You know, the usual blah, blah, blah.

I sometimes think I must sound like Charlie Brown's teacher as I think I witness the same effect.

As a punishment I made Isaiah wash his own plate, fork and cup. Knowing how much I "enjoy" doing the dishes I foolishly thought Isaiah would also dislike the chore. Fifteen minutes later I decided to remove that punishment option.

Note to self: Isaiah thoroughly enjoys washing the dishes. Not on recommended form of punishment for oldest boy.

A couple nights later I again made horribly gross dragon tales and fish scales for supper. Before he even ate half of his supper he gleefully asked if he could dump his food and wash his plate. He said all this with a huge grin by the way. The look I gave in answer to his question ceased all further inquiries.


erin said...

Ooh... you're tough. : )
Hang in there!

kristi noser said...

Ah the "look". Practice up Katie, he'll be a teen someday and then you'll REALLY need it. But then he'll be eating everything in sight, so I guess you'll have to use it for other things...

Jessica said...

This reminded me of my poor sisters sitting in the dark dining room hours (it seemed) after supper was over for the rest of us. Ah.....those were the days. (I got more dessesrt since they didn't get any!)