Friday, January 18, 2008

Genesis 2:24

You know in Genesis when God says how a man should leave his parents and cleave to his wife. I totally paraphrased that. Pastor Larry always mentions how when you get married you need to leave and cleave. Well folks, the same can be true when you move to a new home, in a new town, in a new county with everything that comes along with that being, key word here, NEW. I'm not comparing this with marriage by any means just saying how you need to leave the old town and cleave to the new, obviously in a lesser degree.

I feel a bit like Sally Fields. Kristi and Kelli like me, they really like me. I too want to come visit at AWANA. I'd love it actually. But you see I need to stay away for now, just a little bit longer. I'm such the introvert that I'd rather stay locked up in my house than go out and actually meet people....gasp.....oh the horror. I have now been living in my little hole pretending to hibernate and the small amount of extrovert in me is now starting to win out.

We've been attending the monthly Pleasant Lake 4H meetings. I've met a couple people and you should have heard me scream with excitement when I noticed one of the dads from 4H in the paper recognized during Crossing Guard Appreciation Week. "HEY, I know him!!" I actually knew someone who was in the Osceola paper. Well that started the downward tumble into extrovert land. Anna and I attended storytime at the Osceola Public Library yesterday and at the end of February the kiddos are registered for swimming lessons at the aquatic center. I'm doing it. I'm actually leaving my house and getting involved in my new community.

I had to stay away from my "crutch", that is my hometown for the last 25+ years, where I couldn't go anywhere and not see a familiar face. If I kept running home I'd never have reason to make Osceola my new home. I think I might be ready to accept the blessing I have that can now be two places in which I know lots of friendly faces. I'm working on it.

I promise to come visit in the spring. Thanks for thinking of me. I miss you all a whole bunch. I will come visit on a Wednesday.


erin said...

I support you. When we moved to Alabama, all we wanted to do was go "home," and by the time we got there, it wasn't "home" anymore.
Moving is tough, but SOOO good for the soul.
Also, can I say that when I read the first line of your post, I thought to myself, "Richard clings to my cleave..."

Katie R. said...

Oh Erin I laughed at that! You tell Richard to just wait until your milk comes in. Was that too much information? Hey and thanks for the support. Which also goes along with the "cleave" by the way. Oh... I could keep this going.

-V- said...

I have NO idea what you're talking about with the cleave thing... ;-) But, Katie, sounds like great progress toward freedom this past year - good for you! I'm still glad to be an introvert though; introverts unite! :-) You're on my list...

Kara Jo said...

Katie, I get it, too. But know that your face is missed around FCC. :(

Jessica said...

Yeah.........I have to say that we introverts should stick together....but should also celebrate when we venture into that unknown extrovert world. I can relate all too well to the struggle between the two worlds. All too well.

(And Erin....I don't know you, but now know something about you, anyway....and you absolutely cracked me up. And I agree with the tension you describe between the two "homes." College was that way for me. Big time.)

And Katie.....I'm watching the Packers game. How on EARTH do you live where the wind chill is -24? It was like 40 here today and all you heard was, "IT'S COLD!!!!" I admire you northern folks. =)

erin said...

V and Jessica,
United introverts...wouldn't you HAVE to talk to one another in order to be united?
You can see how there might be holes in your plan.

erin said...

I saw sun dogs this morning!!

LauraLynn said...

I am so glad you are taking the time to get involved in your Community. We have moved 7 times since we got married and never left the house, never joined a church, and never made any friends. It is a huge adjustment for us introverts to leave the comforts of home. Good for you! I hope you make some life-long friends, you are such a nice person- I am sure you will~

Katie R. said...

KJ, thanks. You move home and we move away. :( I was looking forward to AWANA with you too.

Jessica, once it gets down to 20 degrees it doesn't make that much difference. You have to wear the same amount of clothes you just get frostbite quicker. :) Makes a person appreciate summer all the more.

Erin, soooo glad you saw them. They look so other worldly to me.

Laura, thank you. We have awesome folks in the neighborhood that I know will become very special to us. As the kiddos get older and involved in activities I'm sure we'll feel more connected too. Just takes time to feel like you're home.