Friday, December 21, 2007

Where Am I Going?

In my last post I wondered where I was during Anna's and Elmo's cookie bake-off. Today I am wondering where I'm going.

You see while making supper for my dear little family I received a call. The call came from a company that is hired by our bank to watch out for unusual transactions on our check card. The check card is still in my possession so I have not lost the card. Apparently, however, a dear hacker is purchasing music from itunes for their trip on AirFrance. How do I know? The hired company asked if I'd recently attempted to purchase airline tickets. Nope. Also, have I been downloading music from itunes? Nope.

After speaking to many representatives at our bank and the watchdog company our check card is now cancelled to avoid anymore fraudulent charges. I live a very busy life and I don't even know about all the activities I'm involved in.

I have close and personal friends from the Children's Television Workshop and I travel AirFrance to India listening to itunes on my ipod. This explains, I think, why I'm so tired by 7:30pm every evening and can't even stay up for The Office.


erin said...

I'm glad the mystery has been solved.
I'm also glad that the thief got caught before things got much worse.

Kelli said...

Didja pick me up a refrigerator magnet while you were at the Eiffel Tower?

Katie R. said...

I didn't have room as my fake ID's took up a lot of space.

kristi noser said...

I guess I'm not going to go to India this Christmas then, huh?