Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Earlier this month I made cut-out cookies for the Rolli Family Christmas. Yesterday I started to make other Christmas type cookies and candy and wanted to make some new recipes as my mom makes all my favorites. Matthew's favorite are the Norwegian cookies his mom makes but he only likes them warm. I do not have a griddle in which to make that type of cookie. The kids pretty much like any cookie with sugar so I just picked out some recipes that looked fun.

I made some candy yesterday with nuts and also cookies called walnut-butterhorns. I thought they tasted pretty good, not my favorite probably but good. Isaiah had one after supper and raved about them. His facial expressions were proving the fact that these cookies were a hit with Isaiah. I asked if he liked the walnuts and he said that he did.

Then he paid me the ultimate compliment, "Mama, these taste just like mac-n-cheese 'cept with sugar on them." What? Seriously?

I tasted another cookie and laughed. The dough part of the cookie does in fact remind one of the way the pasta tastes in the blue Kraft box. I decided I didn't care and that they can still be good cookies.

I planned on filling a little tin with candy, biscotti and cookies for Isaiah's teacher. I can picture it now, "Hey Mrs. Jensen..... those ones with the walnuts are really good. They taste like mac-n-cheese." sigh........Great!


erin said...

Haha! How funny!

Coffeegirl said...

The Davester loves mac and cheese..may have to try them out! LOL

Jessica said...

Hi! I stumbled on your blog today while bored at work, and I loved reading about your adventures with your kids. You make being a mom sound like such fun.....it makes me look forward to it even more. Thanks for some good reading material!

Katie R. said...

Hi Jessica welcome and thanks for reading.