Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Fun

We just got back from a fun weekend at Opa and Oma's farm. We wanted to sneak in a visit to Matthew's parent's home before the school year begins. The kids have a super fun time being outside, in the country all day long.

We get to feed the sheep and the horses and the donkey and dogs and the cats. EIEIO! Oma makes huge meals three times a day. It's like a little mini-vacation. Isaiah and I even get to fight over who's going to drive the 4wheeler. He turns into quite the confident little man on the farm.

One trip we made was to "the pines". It's a valley of pine trees Opa planted when Matthew was younger and now it's a mini-forest that Opa mows 4wheeler paths through just for fun. Isaiah puts on his ginormous dirt bike helmet, sits in front of me on the 4wheeler and off we go. I even let him control the throttle sometimes.....I keep my hand near the brake so I'm ready to slow the little lead-foot down. Oma asked if we'd get the mail on our trip. Cool! We drove down the road a mile to collect their mail and stopped at the pines on the way back. Ya know yer a redneck if ya git yer mail on a 4wheeler. Suh-weet! Lots of fun I tell ya! Besides getting the mail Isaiah and I rode by Arrowhead Alley. Arrowhead Alley is a cornfield we named earlier this summer because of all the arrowheads we found in the field. Opa and Oma live right on a major Indian war site. The Blackhawk Wars were fought right on their land and if the ground is just right you can really hit the jackpot for arrowheads. The adventures a boy and his mama can have are numerous.

Matthew and Anna had some 4wheeler trips as well. They rode over a creek to visit Opa's horses. Anna loves Eeyore, the donkey. Clever name, huh? Apparently Anna's so relaxed on the 4wheeler that she sits criss-cross-applesauce in front of Matthew and reclines with her arm up behind her head and just enjoys the ride.

It was a nice weekend and we really enjoyed the visit. Fun summer memories before the start of a new school year.


Carla said...

Katie, I wanna go! It sounds so awesome! Total kickback time! I am glad you are making these sweet memories before school. You are a great mom!

kristi noser said...

We used to have "the pines" on our farm too. I second Carla's vote. Let's go!