Friday, August 10, 2007

Rest Assured

We have a very important gate at our home. It is always in the hallway in one of two spots. It is either locking our littlest girl in or out of a specific room. It has proved to be very handy. Sometimes I leave the gate down on purpose due to laundry trekking or other various household chores that would be hindered with a gated hallway.

On the occasion that I do leave the gate down Anna will usually run full tilt to the opposite room and commence toddler activities. I'm able to discern her activities by the sounds she's making and know she's still safe even though Anna is unwatched. Sometimes, however, she is silent. I simply ask what she's doing and she can assure me she's fine. Here are some examples:

Mama: Anna whachya doin'?
Anna: I fine. (said while digging through the fridge)

Mama: Anna where are you?
Anna: I right here. (said while flipping through the printer for the computer)

Mama: Anna??!!
Anna: I fine I just pwayin'. (said while starting to climb stairs)

Mama: Anna where did you go?
Anna: silence
Mama: Anna?
Anna: silence
This is where I REALLY run fast to see what she's (not) doing.

ps I just noticed that I live in a gated community. Huh....imagine that!

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Carla said...

I think they should remake Silence of the Lambs and have it be about when the cherubs are too quiet and the parents are looking for them...AAAAH!
The real Silence of the Lambs is just yuck.