Monday, July 30, 2007


We set up for VBS last night and it was amazing! I've been losing sleep all week over the anticipation of "getting it all done". Why???? There were so many people putting it all together last night and on the other "craft days" early this summer. Don't get me started on the decorations. WOW! I hope the children honestly feel God's love as I think it must be just pouring out of all the helpers. I'm so excited for the kids, I sort of wish I was a kid going to VBS this week. I'm so thankful for all the volunteers that put this together. This is only my 2nd year helping at VBS and last year I was in the nursery so I wasn't a witness to all the planning that's involved. Whew! What an eye-opener. Ranie and Lynne have to plan so much behind the scenes that I never even knew had to happen. I'm sure it will all go smoothly and I hope the children have an awesome learning experience. I know I have. Wah-Hoo!

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erin said...

I love VBS week, too, even though I haven't gotten to help out these last couple of years. I will be praying all week for those little hearts and volunteer hands.