Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Lost Art

I've recently figured out how to download songs and burn them to a CD. I know it's not that tricky I just never really wanted to do such a thing. Now I have a list going at until I have enough for another CD.

This new trick I've learned saddens me a bit. You see my kiddos will probably never, ever learn how to anticipate a song on the radio and press the record button. Remember KDWB's Top 8 at 8? Maybe they still have it, don't know? I remember patiently waiting and hoping the song I wanted would be coming on next. Then there's the is it really the song I want? problem. Do you press record when you're not sure only to risk the hassle of rewinding and queuing the tape correctly again for next time? Listening to the tape you finally made with either a DJ's voice cut-off at the beginning or end of the song was always fun, too. Not to mention the chopped up commercials on either end of the song as well.

Ahhh, the good ol' days!


Carla said...

Do you remember Casey Casem's top 100 hits? He counted it down on Sundays and I would sit for 4(!)hours and tape songs. All of the static, and voices and feedback. Nice.

Katie R. said...

Yes, I remember. Oh the days of holeing up in your room taping songs. :)

kristi noser said...

We used to glue ourselves to the radio at night. That was the time when WLS would come in from Chicago. Only at night. All those awesome songs from the "big city".

Auntie Sally said...

Kool 108 plays reruns of Casey Casem's top 40 on the weekends.