Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Redneck Swimming Pool

Matthew's birthday was on Monday. We celebrated on Sunday because during the work week that guy is just too darn busy. The kids and I gave him a free-standing hammock. We were all pretty excited to imagine our Papa relaxing in his hammock in the shade and enjoying the Sunday paper.

Matthew wasn't able to use his birthday gift yet because it was just too hot on Sunday to enjoy much of anything outside. He did mention he could set it up and put the sprinkler on and read the paper while cooling off in the hammock but then realized the paper would get wet. Oh well! That did remind me of the Plugger comic strip. I could send the idea in to the writer and label it Plugger's Swimming Pool. If that doesn't work I could send in the idea to Jeff Foxworthy. I can hear him now, "Ya know yur a redneck if yur idea of jumping in the pool involves a sprinkler and a hammock."


kristi noser said...

Ohmygoodness, that sentence sounded just like him!

erin said...

LOL. Except instead of a hammock it would be an old sheet.