Monday, June 18, 2007

Why'd I Do That???

I signed my favorite boy up for summer school. I was thinking we would try it this year and see what he thinks. If Isaiah didn't really enjoy it then we won't sign up next year. I'm thinking he'll have fun as he'll be taking a cooking class, a gym class and a music class. What little boy doesn't like to eat, run and make noise?

I didn't realize, however, that I would not like the summer school experience. Last week was our first week of summer vacation and we all had lots of fun. I'm really bummed that I have to bring him to school AGAIN for two weeks. I know it's just in the morning but still, I'm bummed.

I have one hope that maybe in his cooking class he'll make food with lots of vegetables. If so, I'm home free because I know he'll want no part of summer school next year if they make him eat healthy food.

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