Friday, June 22, 2007

Please Please

Two requests for the day:

Dear fellow YMCA attenders,
Please do not dowse yourselves with vast amounts of cologne before visiting the Y. Some of us are having a tough enough time breathing through our cross training workouts without the added chemicals. Thank you!

Dear male VW Bug owners,
Please do not go topless in your bugs as it appears you've nothing on at all. I'd hate for you to be the cause of an accident due to rubbernecking. Thank you!


erin said...

I haven't heard that term in probably five years!

kristi noser said...

rubber WHAT?

Katie, I totally agree with the perfume thing. Yesterday I walked by a lady who was coming into the YMCA and I almost fell over from the smell. Aren't you supposed to smell bad there? Isn't that like a rule?

idnak said...

Aren't you supposed to put perfume on AFTER you work out? Why waste it before you sweat??