Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Baby

My baby Anna girl is two-years-old today. It's 5:01am right now. Two years ago at this time I was trying in earnest to hang up the new curtains I'd gotten for the living room. My mom, who was at our house for Isaiah, kept saying she could do it but, apparently I felt I could climb all over the furniture to get the curtains "just right" all by myself. I believe you call that nesting people. My husband, trained after the 9 months of hormones, just stood there saying nothing at all.

Then it was off to the hospital for c-section #2. At this point I'd add all the gory, I mean beautiful, details although I shall spare you all and say my baby Anna was born a few hours later.

Anna Victoria Rolli is named after my two grandmas. My dad's mom, Anna Kaiser and my mom's mom, Victoria Novak. I'm glad it all worked out as she is definitely an Anna Victoria. I heard somewhere that boys are more challenging to raise when they are younger and girls are more challenging when they get to be teenagers....not so much. Isaiah was quite the easy boy and Anna, well.... she's a pistol but, I love her to pieces. I can't even believe the sassiness that girl can dish out.

I will say I appreciate her taste in food. When asked what she wanted to eat for her "2 party" she said, hot dogs, grapes, deep (dip/ketchup) and beans (baked beans). You can't get any easier than that. I'm going to the store with my dolly this morning to get her "2 party" food. Since she picked such an easy menu for us to make I might even let her get strawberries at the farmer's market today. It is her party day after all. Enjoy your June 28th today.

Because haiku apparently is contagious, here goes:

She's my best little girlfriend
I love her so much
Thank you God for our Anna


kristi noser said...

Novak. Are you related to the Amery Novaks? I went to school with a Novak. Interesting.

kristi noser said...

Oh and 4:03 am? I thought I was the only one who posted before it got light!

Katie R. said...

It was actually 5am when I posted don't know why it said 4? I was up at 4, however. You're not the only early bird/insomniac.

re: Novak, My family is all from Milwaukee. The polish and german south side of the city. My grandma Novak's maiden name was Staszewski. I'll give ya a quarter if you can pronounce correctly. :)

kristi noser said...


Katie R. said...

I can keep my quarter! It's polish and hard to figure out: