Friday, June 29, 2007

Magic Kitchen

Anna received a kitchen from the family for her 2nd birthday.

I'm stuffed!

I've had brownies, hot dogs, bananas, chicken legs and waffles coming at me non-stop. Can I say that when I grow up I want a kitchen like Anna's. She puts stuff in the microwave and it comes out perfectly every time. I've also sampled a cucumber from the oven that was just delicious. If you're really hungry she's got an ice cream cone recipe that comes off the grill that's really quite unbelievable. She's a little Betty Crocker so if you're in the mood for an orange or some french fries that have the slightest hint of PVC come on over.


kristi noser said...

Doesn't that plastic get stuck in your teeth, tho?

Carla said...

I bet your baby girl leaves out all of the fat and calories too!

Kim N. said...

I like the fact that the clean up is so easy! No need to let those pots and pans soak!