Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Isaiah is just about 6.5 and Anna is almost 2-years-old, we obviously met Isaiah first, therefore, any amount of parenting skills I had involved boys and how their minds work. Now we have our Anna and I am amazed at how different they really are. I always knew boys and girls were different but to witness it full-time for myself is neat.

About a month ago Anna and I went to the shoe store for her summer sandals. I wasn't intending for her to wear her sandals at that time. I had time to spare and wanted to get that chore done, so off we went. The next day Anna was very intent on wearing her new shoes. She can wear socks underneath so I thought it would be just fine. The thing is I know I would get Isaiah's summer sandals a little early when he was that age and we could have waited all summer to put on his new shoes and he wouldn't have cared one bit.

Something else about Anna, she noticed a little girl in our music class that we attend, named Emily, who wears two pony-tails. Yesterday morning we were talking about going to music class and Anna said, "Eminy pony too." (She calls Emily, Eminy) Anna wanted to wear pony-tails just like her little friend. When we got to class she couldn't wait to show "Eminy" her ponies. Isaiah still doesn't care about appearance stuff.

It's fun to see how they are sooo different on certain things. I'm pretty happy to have one of each.

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erin said...

That's really cute. I feel the same way discovering the differences between me and my husband! The boy/girl differences never seem to go away!