Monday, April 30, 2007

Golden Oldies

I was picking up a pizza for supper at a local establishment and overheard a conversation between two teenage employees that made me laugh.

girl: Oh, this is a good song. (referring to song being played over store audio system)
boy: Yeah, it's pretty good.
boy: Yesterday I heard a really good one by Billy Joel called "We Didn't Start the Fire." I heard that one like three times.
boy: Have you ever heard it?

The male employee stated that question in way that could have been prefaced with this statement, "I know it's really old but....". While waiting for our family pizza I couldn't help but think children who weren't even born when the song was on the radio are now earning paychecks. I not only remember almost all the lyrics but can remember the video on MTV as well. I won't say I felt old, I'm really not, but I did feel a bit aged. Much like a good piece of cheddar.

Rock and Rollar cola wars.....I can't take it anymore.
We didn't start the fire it was always burnin' since the worlds been turnin


erin said...

Too funny. I start to feel old when kids whose diapers I changed get married...

Katie R. said...

Oh for sure! Now the little people I taught in school are graduating and heading off to college! Slow down already, geesh!

Carla said...

Joshua once asked if I had ever heard a song called Funky Town.