Monday, April 2, 2007

Moving Up

Have you seen that show Moving Up? On this show they showcase three families moving from one place to another, how they fix 'er up and then they tape the old owners doing a walk-through of their old home. I like to watch the last 20minutes of the episode because I enjoy watching the old owners see their old home and how one place can look so different when a new family moves in.

I've always wanted to go through my childhood home and see what it looks like now, so much so that about twice a month I drive by just to look at the outside and reminisce. Well a couple weeks ago I drove by and guess's for sale! Yippeee! I called Matthew and asked if he wanted to move and guess what....he said NO! Oh well. The photos would soon be on the website and I can virtually see the inside and dream about raising my kiddos in the old homestead at 923 Green St. Sure enough a couple days later the pictures were posted and my family and I enjoyed touring the place.

But gets better! While virtually touring the home I noticed an open house date. Matthew said he'd go as we sort of talked about how it might be feasible for us to sell
our home and get my Green St. house. Sunday rolled around and after a night of no sleep, as Anna was up all night with an ear infection, we forgot about the open house. While at my mom and dad's house Sunday afternoon I briefly remembered and asked Matthew again and he was too tired. I had the brilliant idea that my sister and I could go as she just finished grad. school and will be looking for housing in the area, all of which is true, just not necessarily a 3-bedroom house. So, Sally and I were able to tour the house we grew up in together and we thoroughly enjoyed the changes and the things that were remarkably the same. It was a dream come true, I think for both of us. I think it worked out for the best because Matthew just wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as we did. It brings tears to my eyes to think that I got to see the house in all it's glory due to the work involved in preparing for an open house. What's even more cool we did it the day before my sister's 28th birthday, the house she was born in. Happy Birthday Sally!

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Carla said...

So cool that I live in the neighborhood of your old stomping grounds!! I am glad you got to see the homestead. :)