Thursday, March 29, 2007

Picky Eater

When Isaiah started kindergarten last fall one of the many concerns I had as a first time mom sending her boy to school was his tummy. I wanted to make sure he wasn't hungry during school and that he would be able to concentrate. You always see those public service announcements stating how children concentrate better if they're not focused on a hungry tummy. Anyhoo, I make a homemade hot breakfast pretty much everyday, it makes me feel better. Very rarely do I send him on the bus with just cheerios, if I do then he'll have eaten peanut butter toast, juice and fruit along with it. This all sounds ideal and wonderful, right? Wrong!!

My children beg for cold cereal and a plain old cup of apple juice for a treat breakfast, isn't that mixed up? Also, Matthew and I have been racking our brains over why Isaiah is so darn picky about every stinkin' thing he eats. Meals are always a battle.

Yesterday I surprised Isaiah at school and ate lunch with him. The only items he ate for lunch was chocolate milk, one bite of a peach, four bites of a hamburger and one hash brown. Grrrr! That's not enough! Then at supper his 21mo. old sister ate more then he did. Matthew and I are going crazy with this current eating situation.

This morning I had an epiphany as I placed cinnamon rolls, sausage, eggs and juice on the table. My breakfasts are TOO BIG and the poor kid can't fit in any more food the rest of the day. Next week the breakfast menu will be one piece of toast and one cup of OJ. The End!


Barbara said...

That poor boy has a FULL tummy. I think I will come to your house in morning so I too will feel full all day long. Wow, your breakfasts' really sound good, I know they smell real good.

kristi noser said...

Yeah, I agree--How's next Saturday for all of us to come for breakfast? Sounds yummy!

Katie R. said...

Sorry...toast and juice for everyone unless you all start eating your VEGETABLES!!!