Thursday, April 12, 2007


Last night Isaiah was able to stay home from AWANA to have a boy night with Papa because Matthew is going out of town for a few days. Isaiah's done with his book and since it was leader night at council time, I thought he'd be okay with the idea. He was, until this morning, when he found out that not only did the red team but it was an all-team win. Oh maaaan! He wanted to know if I brought anything back for him until I looked at him with The Look. I told him it was no big deal because next week would be even more fun. Isaiah said he knew all about the AWANA car-vi-nal.

I think it's great that he gets all the letters right, he just puts them in the wrong place. I'm wondering if this is a preface to wrong answers on spelling tests or if the letters just get mixed-up during speech?

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kristi noser said...

I am a huge fan of "the look". After four children you pretty much have it perfected.
Carvinal--that's funny--sounds like some kind of complicated medical procedure.
"Yes, I went in to the hospital a few days ago and had the carvinal. Quite painful, that"