Saturday, April 14, 2012

Born Again ~ Full Circle

I have always had many questions that were not getting answered, in a clear manner.  While growing up in the Catholic Church I followed along, although not very well.  I did not pay attention or understand the mystery of the mass.

After leaving the Church in the early 90's I found some answers at the evangelical church.  This was a wonderful stopping point for me.  Matthew and I were married and we started our family in the evangelical church.  My questions were getting answered.

While later attending a new church, due to our family moving, we began experiencing a new set of questions.  We did not find the answers this time.  Frustration set in as the further we dug, the more questions we unearthed.

Frustration led to disappointment until a conversation we had with my dad, mom, and sister.  The conversation was emotional yet eye-opening.  We were now on the right track to explore in the right direction.  We needed something more, something deeper, something concrete.

We, as a family, are going full circle and coming home to the Catholic Church.  We are excited and relieved.  For the first time in a long time, we can breathe.  This is one of the many resources we read that helped us understand and negate the misconceptions of the Catholic Church that we received for many years.
All the new questions that Matthew and I began to have were answered, finally.  I recommend this book to all, whether wondering and disappointed or happy and content.  This book does not attack any point-of-view but rather politely explains the basis of the Christian Church.

A special thank you to my Dad for faithfully praying for me and my family for so many years.

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Pat Stream said...

What were some of your top questions Katie? I am curious, because if you read a book like this, then I know you were serious in your thoughts. I am not looking to debate or defend. Just curious, if you care to list your questions. Thanks.