Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Matilda,

I know you enjoy our new home. You have found a perfect spot to relax while the two-legged dogs eat their meals. It is ingenious really.

You have never in the 18 months you have lived with us ever, ever begged for a handout. You are a super dog. You simply sit in advantageous locations where there is a slight possibility of a crumb or two falling. If, then, a small morsel happens to fall you simply snatch it up for the sole purpose of making my job of cleaning the floor easier. I understand and appreciate your efforts.

I must warn you, however, when the shortest two-legged dog named Anna is enjoying an ice cream cone you may want to relax a little further away from your normal spot. No real reason, just a precautionary measure.

Thank you.




erin said...

Haha! How did you get her to sit still for the photo???

Katie R. said...

Well, that's Matilda. Anna dropped her ice cream and said, "Mom, I dropped my ice cream on Matilda's head." I said, "Oh Man, Anna!"

I walked around the counter to see and there was Matilda just sitting in her normal spot with ice cream on her head.

I took a picture and the ice cream slid off her head and Matilda just licked it right up. She never did move. She cracks us up!

Anonymous said...

Oh 'Tilda, you were just thankful to cool off a little during this "hot" spell, right?

kristi noser said...

The floor-cleanup factor is one of the best things about owning a dog. Even better when you have littles.
Love it.

Jessica said...

Too cute for words! Poor Matilda....she probably "suffers" greatly, huh? =)