Friday, June 26, 2009

Art Camp

Last week Isaiah went to Art Camp. He had a blast, as always. The theme was Wild,Wild West. Yee Haw! He not only practiced the visual arts but also the performing arts. Very fun! All week the excellent counselors at St.Croix Art Barn in Osceola plan neat projects for the kids to work on and they run around outside and play big group games that all campers play. On Friday, last day of camp, the children put on some sort of performance. Last year Isaiah was in a play and this year it was a cowboy fashion show (to show off all their projects) and a line dance. This is so out of Isaiah's comfort zone it's not even funny. He did it though. (even with all those people looking at him....gasp
Gramps and Grammy came to see the performance.
Getting ready for the big dance.

Walking very quickly off stage during the cowboy fashion show. Again, not Isaiah's element.

Isaiah you did great!

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erin said...

Good job, Isaiah! Awesome!