Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Whadya Gonna Do?

When Matthew and I got married (over 9 years ago) we went through the whole wedding ceremony and dinner and dance afterwards. We had a great day. I surprised him by staying at a Bed&Breakfast that night. One of the perks the B&B did was have a little (think airplane size) bottle of wine in a basket of goodies. I did not like red wine at the time, still don't, and we never opened it. I did keep it though, as a memento.

When we got married we were living in an old farmhouse in Baldwin. We lived there for three years total. When Isaiah was 6-months old we moved to an apartment building in Hudson. We lived there for three years as well. Then, we were fortunate enough to buy our first home in Hudson and lived there for about 3 1/2 years. Last October we moved to our current home and have been here for over a year now. That little bottle of wine came with us to all our homes and made all the moves. I've had that bottle for over nine years. I was saving it, just because.

Last Sunday Matthew wanted to make a batch of beef vegetable soup. Before starting the broth he pre-cooked the beef. Matthew loves to throw things together and cooks with no recipes, just whatever he wants to throw in, he throws in. Matthew decided to sear the beef in onions and RED WINE.

Here's the quiz.... do you want to take a wild guess at what he pulled from the fridge, OPENED and poured in the pot?

I saw what he did after the fact. I stared at him with my mouth wide opened, in shock. I asked if he knew what he just did. He did not. I explained where that little bottle came from. He didn't believe me. I believe I became believable after my mouth hung open for a good 10 minutes. You know what he said?

"Well, how was I supposed to know?"

What I don't get is how that bottle lasted over 9 years and through four houses when the beautiful silverware set my sister gave us for our wedding had so many lost pieces that we used to use plastic whenever we were serving more that five.

Matthew also knocked a shelf off the wall a couple years ago that was holding our little wedding cake topper figurine. He did this while horsing around with Isaiah. The cake topper broke but I know how we aren't supposed to bring up past stuff so, I won't...... sigh


Jessica said...

Oh, man. That's classic. Truly classic.

Kelli said...

Not to sound snarky, but that's a total guy thing. Sorry for your memorabilia, Katie.

BTW, was the stew any good?

Kara Jo said...

Oh man. Ditto to what Kelli said--that IS a total guy thing. And I love the "well, how was I supposed to know?" Sounds like you showed more grace than I would have, though. :)

erin said...

Why was a nine-year-old bottle of wine in the fridge??

Amanda said...

Oh Maaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn! What a bummer. Good thing you have the ACTUAL good marriage to rely on and not a memomento...

Love to you!!!