Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Celebrations

We had a super duper Christmas. Lots of fun, many memories and laughs. It started with Christmas Eve. We have a birthday party for Baby Jesus. What's a birthday party without cupcakes? We spent a few minutes in the afternoon decorating birthday cupcakes.

After supper Matthew read the Christmas story from the book of Luke and then a children's story about the first Christmas. Then Anna, being the youngest, got to hold the Baby Jesus from the manger scene as we all sang Happy Birthday.

After an evening of gifts around the Christmas tree...

we watched the Christmas Story, the one with Ralphie...Matthew had been waiting 9 years, since we found out Isaiah was going to be a little boy, to give his little boy a real Red Rider. Christmas Eve, during the movie his waiting ended...Christmas Day we opened stockings and then went to my mom and dad's for the day. We all had a fun time of gifts and food. My mom made the most amazing meal that day. Thanks, Grammy.

Opening hand painted ornaments that Grammy secretly did with the kids one day so they could give to us during Christmas.
My mom and grandma made a sock monkey for Anna.

Isaiah and Anna made recipe cards for Grammy. Anna did a recipe for blueberry pie and Isaiah did one of his own creations Po-tacos. It's where you get all the fixings for tacos and pile it on a baked potato. It's actually really good.
We gave my sister a toaster but how fun is that to open so we spiced it with a little mystery. First she opened blueberry jam. She was thankful but understandably a bit confused with a jar of jam. Later, when she opened gift #2 she was even more confused when she opened a wrapped package of Lender's bagels. She was a very gracious recipient. She laughed and said she was probably THE only person that received bagels for Christmas.

Isaiah had a keyboard unit in music class this fall and LOVED it. Auntie Sally thought he should continue the skill. She thinks he'll receive a Julliard scholarship one day. I personally feel she may be a bit biased but, we'll see...

Gramps and Papa putting the Nascar racetrack together. Gramps and Isaiah are the champion racers for sure.

We are so thankful for the fun of the last week and are the most thankful for God's gift of His most precious Son, Jesus. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Carla said...

Sweet memories!! :) Um..look like your sister much, Katie?? WOWZERS.

Jessica said...

I absolutely thought the same thing as Carla - you and your sister look so much alike! (Well, I've never seen you in person, but she looks like you do in pictures!)

Looks like you had a great Christmas with the family. So glad! Make sure Isaiah doesn't shoot his eye out! =) LOVE that movie!

LadyD said...
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LadyD said...

Sorry, that was just me with the delete. Not a stalker. I was not making any sense. I still might not be.
I was just saying that you have a fairy tale family and it sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, you are so blessed:)

Katie R. said...

Carla and Jess, everyone says we look alike except for our family. Sally and I just think it's funny everyone says that.

Jess- my mom and I said the same thing.

Laura- I liked your first comment. No need to delete. :) We do feel blessed, I have a great family. Thanks.

kristi noser said...

No fire? Hmmm.

erin said...

Um, I got english muffins for Christmas. Does that count?