Friday, November 14, 2008

She's Innocent...

Isaiah used some of his birthday money to buy a toy car he's had his eye on for awhile. He took it to school which means it needed to endure a backpack transport on the bus. Very dangerous.

Yesterday I noticed the car on the coffee table. Both side view mirrors have been broken/snapped/ripped off, the front bumper is missing a piece from the left side and the spoiler is cracked. I'm very certain that the majority of the dings and dents happened while traveling to and from school. Isaiah was warned this was a possibility, however, he took the chance.

I also happen to know that one of the side view mirrors had actually survived. I was a little surprised to see that now both were gone. I asked Isaiah if he took the car to school a second time and he said he had not. I then asked where the other mirror went. He was as shocked as I to discover both mirrors gone. Anna has a tendency to "play" with Isaiah's toys when nobody is looking. We both looked to Anna for some answers.

Mama: Anna, did you play with Isaiah's car?

Anna: (shocked I would ask such a thing) No, Mama. Well, hmmm, I don't think I did.

Mama: Well, have you noticed the two missing mirrors on Isaiah's car?

Anna: (still shocked) No?!?

Mama: It looks like both mirrors are gone now. How do suppose this could have happened?

Anna: (posing in Winnie-the-Pooh's think, think, think pose) Hmmm. I know! Maybe someone just grabbed the car and well, maybe someone accidentally threw it up?

Mama: Do you know who would have done that?

Anna: (shocked would be an understatement at this point) No! It wasn't me... maybe it was... (looked at the dog as if it was Matilda's fault, then realized it wasn't very credible)... Isaiah?

Isaiah: mmhmm, yeah, sure Anna.

Meanwhile, Matthew was busting a gut on the recliner trying not to let Anna see or hear him laughing hysterically. I'm sure she's innocent.


Jessica said...

That cracked me up. The best part was her looking at the dog so accusingly.

My niece Shelby gave herself a rather skashing haircut a couple of years ago. When we first spied her hacked hair, we asked who did it and she said, "Freckles dog....with the purple scissors." Apparently her old hound dog had done it. It's still a joke in my family today.

Birdie said...

well she gave a it a real good go though, didnt she?